Have you ever spent hours on your hands and knees scrubbing stains, grout, and other undesired substances in your floors? Such backbreaking labor is common and frustrating. Therefore, many homeowners and renters benefit from understanding what causes those stains and what products can help eliminate them.

Floor Stains

So what causes floor stains? For one, your darling children and spouse bring less darling mud and dirt into the house when they get home from the day’s activities. Then there’s pets and all their messes! Consider placing a doormat near the door to reduce the dirt stains in your home. Naturally, food drips are also frequent culprits of the dreaded carpet stain. Earth 911 says you can eliminate these stains by trying a highly rated carpet cleaning product or by trying a simple mixture of vinegar and baking soda. And of course, remember having your carpets professionally cleaned is always a good option when your whole carpet starts looking dingy.


Another common household cleaning issue is mold. Mold thrives in humid or damp places. A leaky pipe or humid climate can cause mold to start growing in your home, especially behind wallpaper, near bathtubs, under carpet, and in other similar areas. Though a little mold is not usually immediately dangerous, more mold will often start growing and its presence can indeed make you and your loved ones sick. 

According to J Bixler Inspections, thermal imaging scans done during home inspections can alert you to the presence of mold-causing moisture. Once you’ve found the cause of the moisture, repair the area. Then, further reduce humidity in your house by using dehumidifiers. Also consider trying solutions like diluted bleach or vinegar to kill and remove the mold. If the problem is widespread, consult professionals.


Finally, cleaning grout can be just as challenging as removing stains. Consequently, it’s easy to deem grout as annoying and unnecessary. However, grout plays an important role in strengthening tile and filling cracks that may be even harder to clean without the grout. To clean grout, Bren Did recommends using a stiff-bristled brush with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Or, if that sounds like a lot of pain for your back on a regular basis, hire a local cleaning crew to deep clean your tile and grout for you!

Keeping your house clean can be difficult, painful, and exhausting. So, save yourself time and back pain by learning ways to avoid certain stains and by trying cleaning solutions that work. Furthermore, consider hiring the help of professionals to inspect your home and remove the stains you can’t.