When most people think of deep cleaning their home, they often think of spring cleaning. While it is always good to clean up after a season of mostly indoor activity, the fall is another great time to organize and prepare for winter. Here are the places you should focus on right now.

The Kitchen

Deep cleaning your kitchen should be one of your main priorities before December arrives. Fall and winter are known for their holiday dinners, so it is an area guests are likely to spend time in. You should make sure to clean behind your appliances, sweep the floors, and organize your pantry.

Pests gravitate toward homes for winter refuge. These pests can range from mice to cockroaches. Some roaches are attracted to crumbs, so it’s important to clean up any crumbs quickly. Cleaning your kitchen and sealing your food will also prevent critters from contaminating it.

Your Garage

The garage is one of the easiest entryways for pests in cold weather. By keeping it clean and organized, you can more efficiently access your cars, find the supplies you need, and prevent infestations from occurring because of your wider view. If you have children, keeping your garage clean can also keep them safer.

Start cleaning your garage by sorting your stuff into different areas. You might have a “lawn care” section, a “handyman” section, and a “bike” section. Once you do that, you can throw out excess that you don’t need, and find a place for each of these sections. This is a great process for keeping your garage orderly.


Your basement is another place you should have thoroughly cleaned and organized. Cracks in walls and foundations of basements are prime areas for pests to sneak into your home. If you live somewhere humid, you should consider getting your carpets cleaned to prevent the spread of mold and other bacteria.

Basements, like garages, are prone to be treated as giant storage rooms. You should try and buy some storage bins and organize the stuff you have. This way you can have more space to cater to holiday guests, and prevent stowaway pests from settling.

Establishing this pattern of cleaning for your home takes time, and you should not feel the rush to do everything at once. Fall is a time when you should be thoughtful about how your home uses space. Keep in mind the negatives you might face, and make the best decision for you.

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