Frequently Asked

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Have a question about floor cleaning? We have the answer. Check out these FAQs and give us a call today for more information!

How long will it take Kenason Floor Cleaning to clean my carpeted floors?

On average, carpet cleaning will take approximately 10 to 20 minutes per room.

How long will it take Kenason Floor Cleaning to clean my tile and grout?

The time can vary greatly depending on how dirty the grout lines are. But on average it can take an hour for every 500 sq ft.

What is the difference between do-it-yourself and professional truck-mounted machinery?

Any do-it-yourself machines that exist aren’t as powerful as the truck-mounted machines since they have to be lighter and the truck-mounted machines are much more efficient, especially when operated by one of our trained professionals. You will be able to wait longer to clean your floors again after a cleaning service with truck-mounted machinery, as well. Your floors will benefit more from truck-mounted machinery immediately and in the long run.

Will Kenason's water extraction method ruin my carpet?

No. Modern carpet technology is water-resistant with the limited amount used in our cleaning process

Should I vacuum my carpet before Kenason Floor Cleaning cleans them?

Yes, please. Vacuuming your carpet before the cleaners arrive makes it easier for the cleaners to pinpoint the dirtier spots and make the cleaning process get deeper down into the carpet.

What should I do if the stains that were cleaned reappear?

Although most carpet stains that are removed do not reappear, it’s possible that some will. For example, deep stains in carpet backing may wick back to the surface. If this happens, please give us a call and we will come back out for an additional carpet cleaning (may incure additonal costs).

What floor cleaning method does Kenason Floor Cleaning use?

We use truck-mounted Hot Water Extraction to clean floors just like new, and to maintain a fresher feel for longer than any other cleaning method.

How soon can I walk on the carpet or tile after a Kenason Floor Cleaning service?

Our team will let you know at the end of servicing, but most jobs are nearly dry by that time! Clean feet, socks, and shoes are your best friend for keeping the fresh clean to last as long as possible.

How soon is it safe to let my children or pets on the floors after Kenason cleans them?

Our team will let you know at the end of each service, but most if not all areas will be safe for children or pets right after. At most, leave cleaned ares alone up to an hour before walking on again.

Do I need to move my furniture before Kenason Floor Cleaning arrives?

Yes, our technicians will be able to get working on your cleaning much faster with the furniture moved before arrival. There’s less dirt and grime under the heaviest of items, but it’s a good practice to move what you can.

How often should I have Kenason professionally clean my carpets?

Most manufacturers require once a year cleaning to maintain the warranty. But if your carpet or flooring sees high traffic or pets who shed a lot or bring dirt in, then once every four months is best.

Do I have to be home while my floors are being cleaned?

It is not necessary that you be home while your floors are cleaned because our cleaning technicians are thoroughly trained and background-checked professionals you can trust. In order to provide the best possible tile and carpet cleaning in New Braunfels, TX, we do recommend that someone is home before we begin cleaning to discuss any specific needs or areas of concern regarding the care of your floors. If you won’t be around, we do require a cell phone number where you can be reached.